A warm hello from us here on Miss Kirsty! It's so lovely to be back to sunny Tortola after a lovely summer vacation.

Whilst we’ve been spending time with our friends and family as well as gallivanting across France, Miss Kirsty has sat peacefully in the yard at Nanny Cay having some well-deserved TLC.

Whilst sat enjoying the picturesque view across the channel and onto Peter Island, Miss Kirsty has been enjoying the boat equivalent of a mani/pedi! She’s been sanded, polished and buffed to the point where she is gleaming! On top of that she’s had her lovely bottom (!) re-painted all ready for being popped back into the water as well as a few additional touches including brand new trampolines – which we will of course be testing for sunbathing purposes, purely professionally of course.

We’ve done some grooming to the inside too, with re-finished surfaces in the saloon and of course an additional fridge fitted. All of which go rather perfectly with our new floor!

Having enjoyed all this special treatment we thought it was about time to get Miss Kirsty back to where she belongs, which is of course in the water!

The process of dropping a yacht back in the water requires a fair bit of patience, and nerves of steel! As she sits in the yard on blocks, the only way to and from the water is by the travel lift, which is a huge crane on wheels which straddles the yacht by way of two strops. Once all is in place, the crane lifts the yacht up and begins the journey from her space in the yard to the launch slip. It’s always nerve wracking watching her sit a couple of feet off the ground, swinging slighting every time the crane goes over some rough ground! She does however make it to the slip and then we watch patiently as she gets lowered into the water.

This is always a nervous part for us as we watch her fit like a glove into the slip – there must be only a foot of space on either side away from the concrete wall! Once she’s in we fire up the engines and off we go!

So after a great summer we are a very happy Miss Kirsty, back in the water and getting ready for a fantastic season ahead of us. The sun is shining, the water is glorious and the view is spectacular! Wish you were here!