Your Crew Miss Kirsty from above

Your Skipper Niall along with 1st Mate and Chef Kirsty, look forward to welcoming you on board Yacht ‘Miss Kirsty’. They are an extremely friendly and outgoing couple who love to entertain and look forward to helping their guests discover some exciting new experiences and adventures during their time on board.

Niall and Kirsty met whilst studying at University in sunny Scotland! Niall ran a part time business as a freelance delivery skipper taking boats form the Mediterranean back to the UK and he somehow persuaded Kirsty to join him. After university, the two took the opportunity to head out to the Mediterranean where they spent time sailing between Spain, Greece and Malta before heading home to pursue careers in business.


Niall was born and raised in Shropshire, England and at the age of just 17, he became one of the UK’s youngest RYA Yachtmasters. Having moved to Scotland to complete a Master’s degree in Business Studies and French at University, he continued to fuel his love for sailing by competing for Scotland as a team racing sailor, and kept himself busy during the summer months as a freelance delivery skipper. His degree took him for a year to a University in France, which was conveniently (he insists it wasn’t intentional…) positioned close to the mountains, allowing him to peruse his other passions, skiing and snowboarding! Following university Niall worked for an Electrical Business where he went on to manage a Multi-million pound business in Scotland, before the lure of the sea got the better of him.

Miss Kirsty Dessert dish


Kirsty, your first mate and chef, is originally from Scotland, however she’s been fortunate enough to spend time living in a number of different locations all over the world, from the some what chilly but serene Shetland Isles, to the beautiful Singapore. With a love and passion for horses, Kirsty has spent many years competing at British Eventing, and it was her passion for the sport as well as her love of horses that kept her close to home in Scotland where she attended University. Here she completed a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, before going on to achieve a Postgraduate in Economics and International Business Studies. Kirsty’s love of horses also took her to America where she worked on a Ranch in Colorado, giving her the opportunity to become a legitimate cowgirl (childhood dreams do come true!), before joining Niall as part of a delivery crew working in the Mediterranean. In her corporate life Kirsty worked as a Financial & Strategic Analyst for a company linked to the Oil and Gas markets in Aberdeen, Scotland. Prior to joining the charter world, Kirsty spent time at the Ashburton School of cookery, where she honed her skills as a chef. Having grown up in various different countries, Kirsty enjoys a multitude of varying cuisines and is eager to cook with the freshest ingredients and utilise local produce so rest assured that she will always have your mouth watering! Kirsty also enjoys skiing and running, and both Niall and Kirsty spend much of their personal time underwater exploring their other passion; diving.