The British Virgin Islands are easily one of the best sailing destinations in the Caribbean, and arguably one of the best in the world. Renowned as one of nature’s little secrets, the beautiful chain is what’s known as an archipelago of over 60 islands and cays which offer beautiful white sandy beaches, blue lagoon like waters with some spectacular marine life, alongside an exuberant but relaxed island vibe which all together wholly compliment your time spent on board Miss Kirsty.

To ensure that you experience all that you can of the beautiful islands, there really is no better way to explore than by sail boat. Whilst sailing on board Miss Kirsty, we hope to take you to some of the most spectacular and memorable places within the 60 islands which make up the BVI. Just to tickle your fancy a little more, we’ve provided a short overview to some of the larger islands included in our itinerary.


Tortola is the largest and most populated island in the BVI archipelago. It is a mountainous, volcanic island which is 12 miles long and 3 miles wide. The main town is Road Town, where the majority of yachts based in the BVI are moored.

Aside from Road Town, the other main port on Tortola is Soper’s Hole, a clean and pretty colonial port town filled with charm. The famous Pussers Landing Restaurant and Bar offer two floors of dining, dancing and fun!

Tortola is also lucky enough to enjoy some excellent beaches. The nicest are located along the north side of the island, where quiet coves and bays are fringed with soft, white sands.


Anegada is the second largest of the Islands, and set relatively far away from the main Islands. It is located northeast of Tortola in a vast coral reef. Slightly different to the other islands within the BVI, Anegada is of coral rather than volcanic origin, meaning it is much flatter with very little vegetation, quite the sight to see. The highest point is only 26 feet above sea level, however it’s a very memorable destination due to its pristine beaches, relaxed style (there are almost no inhabitants), pina colada bars and its lobster barbecues on the beach.

It was once not permitted for charterers to go to Anegada because of the dangerous coral reefs, however thanks to improved markings, experienced sailors are now able to venture through the opening in the coral reef on its southwestern side. Here, we are able to anchor and head ashore to the beach where you can enjoy a cold beer at the Honor bar and enjoy some of the history of the island, from shipwrecks on the reefs to some of the most spectacular wildlife in the BVI, including Turtles, Pelicans, the endangered Anegada Iguana, Flamingoes, and of course, Lobsters! It is definitely worth a trip if you’re looking for a relaxed beach day accompanied by a few rum drinks!


As the third largest of the islands, Virgin Gorda is much less populated that Tortola. With its quiet, unspoilt bays, resorts and the famous “Baths”, many believe that it is indeed the most scenic of all the islands. Its hilly layout and dense, lush vegetation also makes it ideal for nature walks, perfect for working up an appetite for a delicious lunch waiting for you back on board ‘Miss Kirsty’!

“The Baths” are perhaps the most famous attraction on the island. These are located on the southern end of the island and were created by a number of huge granite boulders strewn on the beach, forming scenic caves that are open to the sea. With its sheltered location and crystal clear water, the baths provide the ideal location for swimming and snorkelling.

At the far Eastern End of Virgin Gorda is a resort appropriately called the “Bitter End”. You can enjoy the beach during the day, and also have a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” at the tiny hamburger shop on the beach!


The beautiful and largely undisturbed BVI island of Jost Van Dyke is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches, excellent anchorages, undisturbed wilderness and not one, but two of the most famous beach bar/restaurants in the world –Foxy’s and the Soggy Dollar Bar!! The island is only four miles long, and is truly a “barefoot” island that promotes a casual lifestyle. The beach at White Bay is certainly one of the world’s most beautiful, with pristine white sand and glorious turquoise waters, perfect for bobbing up and down on top of the floating mattress with a cocktail in hand! Venturing ashore allows you to experience the simple pleasure of spending the afternoon socializing with new found friends or relaxing in a hammock, exactly what Jost is all about!


Peter Island, directly south of Tortola, is beautiful and nearly undisturbed except for the famous Peter Island resort. The island offers one of the most romantic beaches in the world at Deadmans Bay, abundant in sea turtles and excellent beaches, all of which are worth a stop on any itinerary!


Norman Island is reputed to be the Robert Louis Stevenson’s inspiration for Treasure Island, and given the caves and remote anchorages it’s easy to imagine why. The island is uninhabited and lies just south of Tortola and east of St Johns, USVI. Norman Island is best known for an excellent anchorage called “the Bight” and “the Caves” one of the best snorkelling areas in the BVI.

The Caves at Norman Island are a set of several natural caves just outside the Bight and are well known for their snorkelling. We can moor the yacht here, or take the dinghy from the Bight, either way it’s well worth a visit to the Caves which were reputed to be hiding places for Pirate Treasure!